What experts say about Regenerative Dual DuctTM/SM technology and Lentz Engineering:
'A system with the potential to set a new standard in the mechanical design industry…' ASHRAE Insights, Volume 19, Number 9
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The Lentz Approach

Efficient HVAC Systems

Lentz Engineering Associates, Inc. strives to provide appropriate, energy-efficient, cost-effective solutions specifically engineered to meet our clients needs and objectives. To achieve these goals, we apply sound, fundamental engineering principles and practices to design systems using proven processes and appropriate control strategies to achieve design goals in the simplest, most direct manner possible.

Lentz Engineering seeks informed client involvement in decisions regarding systems to be employed and the types of equipment to be selected. Toward that objective, we attempt to educate our clients regarding the operating characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, and anticipated long-term operating and maintenance characteristics for any alternative the client may be asked to consider.

The Regenerative Dual Duct TM/SM System

System Origin:

Classical HVAC systems are almost all derived from a common basic configuration based on the concept that recirculation of air provides for the most economical operation and outdoor air is introduced through a mixing process when it is thermodynamically appropriate. From a thermal perspective, this is correct, especially in a heating mode. However this technique is an inefficient way to introduce ventilation.  continued …

High Performance HVAC Solutions

The "Green" movement is it taking the construction field by storm. Begun by people well equipped with good intentions but little practical knowledge as to how to accomplish its goals, the sustainable building movement was a good idea whose time had come. Being viewed as "Green" brings in projects from people who are often genuinely concerned about the impact they are having on the environment. Many are motivated to control their future costs in an era of rapidly rising energy costs.  continued …

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